My Ancestral Line:

Theophilus Armstrong and Ann Moore(2nd wife)

William Arnold Richardson and Elizabeth (Bettie) Armstrong

William David Young Cahill and Ann Floyd Richardson

Mary Cahill


Theophilus Armstrong was married three times:

(1) Milly Burgess: Issue:

Malinda m. Daniel Livingston Martin

Keturah m. Stephen Herbert Minter

Mary m. _____________Logan

(2) Ann Moore: Issue:

James (unmarried)

Elizabeth Starling m. William Arnold Richardson

Matilda m John Floyd Martin

Sally m. William Butler Scales

William m. Mary ___________

Joseph (unmarried)

Martha m. J. C. Martin

John Ramey m. Hattie Baugh

(3) Sarah Jane Martin:

No issue.

The name Theophilus Armstrong has always fascinated me. It somehow suggests great strength. Strong he was, the man who bore this name, my mother's maternal grandfather. Stout-hearted, hard working, intelligent though uneducated, disciplined yet compassionate, trustworthy, faithful; yet he gained the respect of his family and neighbors.

Though he made his living primarily as a farmer and storekeeper, he was a carpenter and cabinet maker. He also invested in land holdings and what today might be called a loan business for his neighbors. His son, John R. Armstrong described him as a "good provider" and said that he never knew him to be mistrusted.

My mother, Ann Richardson Cahill, often stated that while still a young boy he was brought to Henry County by "Old Man Lamkin" on his supply wagon from Richmond to work in Lamkin's store. A brother, she said, went to Texas and was never heard from again.

His marriage license to his third wife gives North Carolina as his place of birth and shows his mother's name simply as "Jennie", and father "unknown". Census records also show his place of birth as North Carolina.

While my mother had a keen mind and memory, it puzzles me that in the early 1820's, Lamkin would have gone as far as Richmond for supplies when North Carolina was so close at hand with trading communities already established there. In the 1850 Census some Lamkins are listed as neighbors of Theophilus Armstrong and their place of birth was North Carolina. Revolutionary War records show many Armstrong’s from North Carolina serving, some officers with outstanding accomplishments. But this is an account of Theophilus Armstrong's life in Henry County. I'll leave the discovery of his parentage to those who follow me. I merely want to record my research so it will not be lost.

Born in 1806, he does not appear in the 1810 or 1820 Census for Henry County as he was too young to be a head of a household and that was the only name listed in those census years.

The name Lamkin was not found in the Index for Henry County for those years. Parts of the early Henry County Census records were lost which might account for this.

Theophilus does appear in the 1830 Henry County Census, having married Milly Burgess the year before.

I found the will of Milly's father, David (or Davis) Burgess in the Henry County Circuit Court, his having died in 1828. His heirs were Lucy Pace Burgess (his wife), four daughters named Milly, Nancy, Elizabeth (who married a Heffinger) and Sally (who married a Harrison) and two sons, Hewlett and John.

Milly bore Theophilus three daughters: Malinda, born in 1830; Keturah, born in 1832 and Mary, birth date unknown. No records of a marriage license could be found for a Mary Armstrong in Henry County during this time frame.

Theophilus must have saved his money since in February 1832 at the age of 26, he bought his first piece of property. In partnership with one James A. Crews he purchased 100 acres on Mulberry Creek. The transaction included the residence, all houses, mills, machinery and appurtenances and blacksmith shop. The seller was James Bouldin and the purchase price was $2,300.00.

Bouldin's name frequently appeared on early documents of Theophilus Armstrong, so it is no surprise that Theophilus' first daughter was named Malinda, the same as Bouldin's wife.

Milly and Theophilus were married for only four years, her dying about 1833. Hard times must have fallen on him about this time as the property he and Crews had so ambitiously purchased in February of 1832 was sold by them in February 1834 to Granville G. Pace who assumed the indebtedness due James Bouldin. Besides the 100 acres and all appurtenances went one-half an acre which had been conveyed to Crews and Armstrong by Milly's sister, Elizabeth and her husband, Jack Heffinger.

Theophilus was not long a widower. On August 24, 1834 at the age of 28, he took unto himself a second wife, Ann Moore.

Little is known of Ann Moore. Her great grandson James H. Richardson, Jr. of Irisburg said she was a school teacher. Indeed she could have been since in 1845 John Reamey of the early Henry County teaching family gave to her a slave named Patty and "her increase".

Ann Moore's marriage license to Theophilus showed no kin of hers, just her approval of his applying for the license. If she were a teacher, I wonder why she never taught her husband or her son William to write their names.

There is much to be researched on Ann Moore but somehow she must have been a strong and idealistic woman. Many people said that her daughter Elizabeth Richardson had the highest of ideals and was quite proud.

Ann was busy after her marriage to Theophilus giving to him four daughters and four sons. She was his wife for some 37 years, lastly appearing in the 1870 Census. I assume she died sometime between 1871 and 1872.

Theophilus, though a God-fearing religious man, as attested by old records of Truevine Church at Irisburg, never saw fit to put a tombstone on Ann's grave, nor on the graves of his sons killed in the Civil War.


The old Armstrong house and cemetery of unmarked graves was acquired many years later in the late 1890's by their granddaughter Molly Josephine Richardson and her husband George W. Hill.

Although Theophilus could not sign his name, he succeeded in being appointed curator for his first wife's mother, Lucy Burgess, and cared for her estate from 1852 until her death in 1861. He also served as administrator of her estate and of others, including that of his son-in-law, John Floyd Martin.

I could find no records of other land purchased by Theophilus until 1856, some 22 years after he disposed of his Mulberry tract. The 1850 Virginia Census states however, that he was a farmer and his real estate was valued at either $100 or $700 (the microfilm was hard to determine).

In 1856 he purchased 270 acres on Middle Creek from Richard L. Lamkin. This Lamkin is listed in the 1850 Census near Theophilus Armstrong's family residence. His real estate was valued as $3,300. This census shows Richard Lamkin was 50 years old and born in Virginia. I therefore do not think he was the "Old Man Lamkin" my mother referred to. Perhaps his son.

In the 1860 Census Theophilus is listed as a farmer in the Leatherwood District as he was in the 1850 Census. Irisburg was still a part of the Leatherwood District. (Later it became a separate district called Irisburg and today they are combined as Iriswood District).

During those years, Theophilus was active in the Truevine Church at Irisburg Crossroads and represented the church at various associational meetings.

Sons James, 26, and Joseph, 18, enlisted in the Confederate Army on June 5, 1861 at Lynchburg, Virginia serving in Co. H., 24th Virginia Infantry.

Joseph died in 1862 from "unknown causes" at Richmond, Va.

James was hospitalized at Chimbarazo in Richmond from December 8, 1861 to October 8, 1862 with jaundice. He was later captured at Williamsburg, then paroled and exchanged from Fortress Monroe and later killed at Drewry's Bluff on May 16, 1864.

While Theophilus recorded the death of Joseph in the Henry County Courthouse, no records could be found for James except his military record. My mother always said that Grandma Richardson had two brothers killed in the Civil War and I assume that since they both volunteered on the same day at the same place, that they were brothers,

Theophilus and Ann also lost a son-in-law, John Floyd Martin, a teacher and the husband of their daughter Matilda in that war. Theophilus was John Floyd's administrator and took Matilda and their two children under his wings.


(As remembered by William Starling "Pete" Cahill)




Whether William, the third son ever served, I have not determined.

Their son, John R. Armstrong, age 19, enlisted in the 10th Virginia Calvary, K. Company, in April 1864 at Spotsylvania Courthouse and he left the service at the surrender of the Confederate Army.

William could not sign his name. He was married to a woman named Mary whom Theophilus did not like nor trust as evidenced in several legal documents. William got into some kind of trouble but the charges were dismissed. He appears in the 1870 Virginia Census with wife Mary, at Irisburg, however by 1889 when Theophilus died, they were living in Peterstown, Monroe County, West Virginia.

After the war was over and beginning in the late 1860's, Theophilus began lending money to his neighbors, securing the indebtedness by deeds of trust against their land, crops and stock. He must have been a frugal farmer to make money during a time when the war brought so many hardships to so many people, including himself.

Theophilus did own slaves. The 1850 Census showed he owned four. At various times he entered their birth and death dates in the county records.

In 1870, according to the Census, the only ones living with Theophilus and Ann were daughters Martha and Sally.

Ann died sometime between that census which was taken in 1870 and September 25, 1872, since on that date Theophilus took unto himself his third and last wife, Sarah Jane Martin.

Sarah was 43 years old at the time, unmarried and he was 65. She was the sister of two of Theophilus' sons-in-law, Daniel Livingston Martin and John Floyd Martin. Daniel L. had married Theophilus' daughter Malinda (by wife Milly Burgess) and John Floyd had married Theophilus and Ann's daughter Matilda. (How did they ever keep this apart?).

Sarah and her brothers were among the children of Abner Martin and Jane Jones who lived on Home Creek near what is now Aiken Summitt.

In the 1870 Census Sarah is listed as a farm laborer living in the household of her mother Jane R. Martin. Sarah was an asset to Theophilus in that she could read and write and kept his records.

Two years after his marriage to Sarah, Theophilus did a strange thing. He divided his 282 & 7/8 acre farm at Middle Creek and his personal property, six ways among his children by Ann Moore, viz. John R. Armstrong, Sally Armstrong (who later married Butler Scales), Elizabeth Richardson, Matilda D. Martin and Martha B. Martin. Each child received one-sixth share out right. But the one-sixth share of his son William, he placed under control of John R. Armstrong as long as William's wife, Mary was alive. John R., his brother, was instructed to sell William's share of land and personal property and take bonds bearing interest from the bonds at 6% and pay the same to William during the lifetime of his wife Mary. After her death the whole amount was to be paid to William. But if William died before Mary, the proceeds were to be divided among the other five children.

By this action one would assume that Theophilus had a distinct dislike for his daughter-in-law Mary, who must have had a great influence on William. Perhaps this action prompted William and Mary to move from Irisburg to West Virginia.

John R. and Elizabeth Richardson got separate tracts of land of approximately 48 acres each, and as for what John R. did with William's tract, I never found out nor did I do any further research on that.

The other three children, Sally Armstrong (Scales), Matilda D. Martin and Martha Martin received the remaining 137 acre tract which included the homeplace. Sally and Matilda later conveyed their interest to Martha and her husband J.C. Martin, giving them full ownership. They in turn conveyed this land and the old Armstrong homeplace to J.E. Woodson who subsequently sold it to George W. Hill and Molly Josephine Hill, Theophilus Armstrong's granddaughter.

As late as the 1930's when our family held summer reunions and picnics in the yard, the old house was as inviting as ever. The full length front porch was bordered by huge boxwoods which also bordered the walk leading to the house. Old fashioned roses and sweet smelling shrubbery and flowers were still in abundance. It was originally a log building but later had been weather-boarded. Built in the typical farm house style there were two rooms in front, the parlor and master bedroom, with a wide hall in between leading to a back porch with dining room and kitchen on the left facing the porch. Underneath the house was a cellar where fruit and vegetables were stored. The delicious smell of apples remained years after the house was abandoned. Steps in the front hall led to the upstairs hall and bedrooms. The house was later owned by a nurse and it burned to the ground sometime after World War II.

Why Theophilus left out his daughters by Milly Burgess in the division of his homeplace and land puzzles me. Maybe he felt he owed something to Ann Moore's children who, no doubt, farmed and labored with him. It is interesting that in his last will and testament Milly's children were included and William who was still married to Mary, oddly enough received two shares of his estate.

After disposing of his farm and homeplace, Theophilus went into merchandising, operating a store located at the crossroads of Routes 697 and 650 at Irisburg. Sarah kept all of the records and credits on notes were in her handwriting, since Theophilus could not write. This was substantiated in the depositions taken in the chancery suit filed in the settlement of Theophilus' estate as stated by John R. Armstrong.

The store which was set back on the north corner of its intersection, had a long porch out front and hitching posts under large trees for the horses, wagons and buggies. There were living quarters in the back, according to my brother, Starling "Pete" Cahill.

Pete recalls when the structure burned sometime around 1913. Miss Ella Lamkin owned the store at the time having bought it from the Sarah Armstrong estate.

Pete had been sent to the store by our mother and just before he reached there, the building burst into flames. Mother, having seen the flames from Granddaddy Richardson's, met him on the way home. The store was several or more miles away.

Pete's recollection of the place was correct. In the chancery suit brought by the children of Theophilus Armstrong, and in John R. Armstrong's testimony in the deposition, when asked the size and character of the store room used by Theophilus Armstrong, he replied "I reckon it is 16 by 20 or 18 by 20".

Question: "Was it not a room of the house in which he lived"?

Answer: "It was not. The store was built against the house".

Further testimony revealed the business to be a small operation. Also it was stated that Theophilus Armstrong had been sick only three weeks or so before he died of heart failure.

The children of Theophilus Armstrong were attempting to prove that his widow, Sarah, was continuing to sell the store's merchandise after their mutual agreement to divide his estate and that she was absconding with the money. Much of the testimony was taken up with describing the store, its size and the amount of merchandise and money in the store at the time of his death.

Theophilus operated this store from 1874 until his death in 1889.

In 1877, he and Stephen L. Martin, Sarah's brother, purchased the Abner Martin home place containing 128 and 1/2 acres after the death of Sarah and Stephen's mother, Jane R. (Jones) Martin.

Also in 1877 on May 8th, he made his will leaving all of his property, real and personal to his wife Sarah for her lifetime and at her death it was to revert to the children of his body, his son William to inherit two shares and the other children one share each. If any of Theophilus' children were deceased and they in turn had had children, these grandchildren (of Theophilus) were to receive that deceased child's share, and should any child die without heirs, then that child's share should revert to Theophilus' estate and be divided among the other heirs. His name, by mark, was signed Theophilus G. Armstrong, this being the first time the initial "G" had appeared in his papers.

He lived another twelve years operating his crossroads store, making cabinets lending money, buying land, and caring for his family and friends. He died on October 23, 1889, just a month shy of being 83 years old.

He was buried across the road from his store which was just a short distance off the road. His grave site, enclosed in a rock wall, is plainly visible but ivy has covered the walls and his tombstone and some of the wall have crumbled and fallen in. Sarah is buried beside him.

Why he was buried so close to the road I can't imagine. Somehow I think it is appropriate as I recall a line from some poem "He lived by the side of the road and was a friend of man".

In the depositions taken in the chancery suit by his heirs (Docket No. 789) dated August 26, 1891, John R. Armstrong said of his father's burial: "As to the tombstone, the heirs were never consulted and if they had been, his name would have been spelt correctly. (Note: His tombstone shows his name as Theophelis however should have been Theophilus). He was buried in a chestnut coffin, to which his heirs do not object to pay for, but as to where he should be buried, tombstone and iron fence, we have never been consulted. The grave has not been enclosed".

Sarah's administrator (she was dead by this time) was asking to be reimbursed for a casket ($42.60) purchased from Kerns and Terrell, furniture and undertakers and embalmers, 533 and 535 Main Street, Danville, Virginia. Also he asked $35.00 for a tombstone purchased from John A. Rowe, marble and granite dealer, Danville, Virginia.

Somebody was not happy with the terms of Theophilus Armstrong's will. It was most likely, as I deduced from the depositions, Sarah and her brother, Stephen. If the will stood as Theophilus wrote it, the Martins would inherit nothing. It was apparent that it was Stephen, called "Major" Martin in the testimony, who negotiated the matter with John R. Armstrong who represented the heirs. Within six months after Theophilus' death, on April 8, 1890, Sarah struck up an agreement with the children of her husband whereby she would keep all property claimed by her as her separate estate and the heirs of Theophilus deeded to her in fee an amount equal to one-third of the appraised value of all personal property, money, bonds and choses in action, and also the five acre lot of land on which the store house was situated at the crossroads.

It was a poor choice for the Armstrong heirs as they later must have realized, because Sarah herself died ten months later on February 2, 1891. According to her brother Stephen's testimony in the hearing, she was buried beside her husband.

Sarah had been named administratrix when Theophilus' will was probated at the November term, 1889, of the Henry County Circuit Court.

By May of 1890 the court had dismissed Sarah and appointed William G. Shackelford as administrator of the estate of Theophilus Armstrong. Following this, on August 8, 1890, Sarah appointed her brother Stephen L. Martin as her attorney-in-fact, specifically with power to handle her affairs and interest in the estate of her late husband.

In January 1891, less than a month before Sarah died, the chancery suit was filed by Theophilus Armstrong's heirs as stated above. At the August 1891 "Taking of Accounts" of Theophilus Armstrong's estate, Henry Tuggle, a Martinsville attorney, was administrator of Sarah's estate.

It was interesting to read the papers pertaining to Theophilus' estate. The box in the courthouse that held these papers was approximately 6 inches thick and I stood for four hours fascinated by its contents, believing all the while that no one had read it for over a hundred years..

I was particularly impressed by the reputable job William G. Shackelford did as administrator of Theophilus' estate. It was thorough in every way.

Shackelford was a son of George W. and Martha Richardson Shackelford and a nephew of William Arnold Richardson who married Betty, Theophilus' daughter and who were my grandparents. Shackelford was at one time Superintendent of Schools for Henry County before going to Lynchburg College where he served as Dean.

In meditating about Theophilus, his life, his marriages, his children, his work, I must conclude that he was a wise and just man who tried to do good and be honest with all men. Being limited in his dealings by his inability to read and write, made it important that he have a help mate, thus the three wives. His marriage to Sarah was apparently one of convenience.

He treated her fairly in his will, I think, giving her complete control of his entire estate during her lifetime. The greed of all concerned became a costly and lengthy battle between his widow and his children and after Sarah's death, her heirs.

As it turned out, the two Martin brothers who married Armstrong sisters, or their heirs, received from both the Theophilus Armstrong estate and Sarah's estate.

As stated in the testimony of John R. Armstrong, Stephen L. Martin was referred to as "Major". Whether he had that rank from service in the Civil War is not known.

Sarah had possession of all money and personal property, bonds, notes and accounts and real estate from the time of his death in October 1889 until the agreement in April 1890, six months, which was hers to control under his will. From that time there must have been a real squabble which eventually led to the children's suit to set aside the agreement after her death, their charging she had not handled matters quite honestly.

From testimony of J. A. Richardson and Luther Minter, grandsons of Theophilus Armstrong, who helped Sarah in the store after her husband's death, she had disposed of many of his possessions not listed in the agreement. John R. Armstrong stated that Sarah had refused to surrender to his father's administrator, his mechanic's tools. His father he said, was a good cabinet maker and had a fine brace and the best bits he had ever seen. She had also refused to surrender his double barrel shot gun, Colt pistol and a new Smith and Wesson pistol. Also lengthy testimony from several witnesses on both sides revealed she was claiming a gold watch which was not rightfully hers.

At question was a thousand dollars John Armstrong and other witnesses testified was in Theophilus Armstrong's possession as the time of his death.

John R. Armstrong stated that he lived about 100 yards from his father's residence and kept in close contact with him.

Despite the testimony of several neighbors and relatives, the court found no exceptions and determined that the agreement between Sarah and the heirs of
Theophilus Armstrong was lawfully executed and declared the personal estate of Theophilus Armstrong under said contract and his will be distributed as follows:

5/15 to Sarah, his wife

1/15 each to Catura (Keturah) Minter, Mary J. Logan, John Lee Martin, Elizabeth Richardson, Mattie B. Martin, Matilda D. Martin, Sallie M. Scales, John R. Armstrong and

2/15 to William T. Armstrong.

Total Distribution was $4,650.12.

The settlement of Sarah's estate was no less complicated. Henry Tuggle, her administrator failed to proceed and his bondsman was called on to forfeit his bond. The Bill of Complaint was filed (Docket No. 824 in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of Henry County) in September 1891 showing Sarah's heirs as:

John Martin and Annie(Anna) his wife; John Kemp and Malinda, his wife (nieces),

M.Oakes and Martha,his wife (sister);T.N. Anderson and Caroline his wife (sister)

D. L. Martin (brother); and S. L. Martin (brother) vs James Stone, et als.

Linnie F. Kemp, et als filed a separate bill which was later combined. Tuggle, the administrator died before the matter was concluded.

On August 15, 1898 a bill showed Linnie F. Kemp, C.M. Anderson, T. J. (Thomas J) Martin, who sued for the benefit of M. Oakes, their assignee, and Adelia Oaks, plaintiff vs R.E. Davis, Sheriff of Henry County and as such administrator, dbn of Henry Tuggle, deceased, C. B. Bryant, D. L. Martin, Letitia B. Green, Susan Stone and Annie Martin. Susan was the wife of J. M. Stone and Letitia was the wife of J. M. Green. Sarah owned 6 acres near Irisburg and 23 acres near Lone Oak in Henry County in addition to her personal estate.

I never completed the reading of Sarah's estate papers. Anyone interested should read the entire box of papers, not quite as lengthy as her husband's but almost. I simply copied the lists of names to determine her heirs.

Poor Theophilus. He worked so hard and tried to be fair. These suits and counter suits were no tribute to him.

A verification of records and data follows:


Born: November 18, 1806

Place of birth: North Carolina (according to census records and his

marriage license to Sarah Martin)

Died: October 23, 1889

Place: Irisburg, Henry County, Virginia

Buried in a rock wall enclosure near the crossroads of Routes 697 and 650 at Irisburg. (Dates taken from tombstone).

Married three times:

First: Milly Burgess, daughter of Davis (or David) Burgess and Lucy Pace (Davis Burgess and Lucy Pace were married January 26, 1794. Father of Lucy, John Pace and Thomas Pace were witness- es. Lucy Pace's mother was Polly Stone.)

The will of Davis Burgess , father of Milly Burgess Armstrong was probated February 22, 1828 (WB 3, p. 198 wherein he ment- ions his heirs and devisees as Hewlett,John, Milly, Nancy,Elizabeth Heffinger and Sally Harrison and his wife, Lucy. Nathaniel Dan- droft, James E. Bouldin and Burgess' wife Lucy were named executors.

(Records indicate James Bouldin was assigned 400 acres in 1740 on the branch of Callaway Creek and Mulberry Creek. Henry County was at that time a part of old Lunenburg County.)

Theophilus Armstrong and Milly Burgess were married May 12, 1829 in Henry County, Virginia (Marriage Bond No. 894, Clerk's Office, Circuit Court of Henry County).

Surety: Theophilus Armstrong and James E. Bouldin

Minister: Othneil Minter

Issue by Milly Burgess:

(I) Malinda Ann Armstrong

Born: March 8, 1830, Henry County, Virginia

Died: September 18, 1860, Rockingham, N.C.

Buried: Rockingham County, N.C.

Married: February 5, 1856, Henry County, Va.

(Marriage Book 1, p. 4, Henry Co.Circ.Ct)

To:Daniel Livingston Martin, son of Abner Martin and Jane Jones He, at time of marriage records , was 24, single, born and resided in Henry Co., Va.

She, 25, single, born and resided in same county.

His occupation: Mechanic.

Minister: W. M. Ferguson.

Daniel Livingston Martin was born January 20, 1832, in Irisburg, Henry County, Va . and died July 25, 1906 in Rockingham County, N.C. (This is questionable since he is buried in Cascade, Va. however Cascade is only a few miles from Rockingham County, N.C.)

Buried: Church cemetery at Cascade Baptist Church, Cascade, Virginia with his second wife, Mary Elisabeth Susan Hankins, whom he married on November 13, 1861.

He served in Co. I, 57th Va, Infantry, C.S.A.

Some of this information on D.L. Martin and Malinda Armstrong was found in John R. Martin's Valentine Martin of Cumberland County, Virginia. His grave site was pointed out to this writer by J. T. Martin whom with his siblings took me, my sister and brother on a Henry County tour in June 1993. A most enjoyable excursion.

Malinda Armstrong and Daniel Livingston Martin had one son:

John Lee Martin

Born: November 7, 1856, Henry County, Va.

Died: February 4, 1943, Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Married: Anna Lee Bullington

Both Buried: Axton in Pittsylvania County on their old home place.

(II) Keturah R. Armstrong (sometimes spelled Catura) Also known as "Kit" and "Kittie")

Born: 1832 (from tombstone, no month or day given)

Died 1902 (from tombstone)

Married: ca 1848 (writer's estimation)

To: Stephen Herbert Minter

Born: 1827(from tombstone)

Died: 1907(from tombstone)

Both buried: Truevine Church Cemetery, now Irisburg United Methodist Church, Henry County, Va. He served in 42 Va. Regiment, C.S.A. (from tombstone)

1850 Virginia Census: (760):

Stephen H. Minter 22, farmer, born Va..

Kitty Minter 18 wife born Va. Mary Ann Minter 1 female born Va.

Lucy Mann 16 female born Va.

1870 Va. Census(M593-165648(9-150- Va- 19-1)

S. H. Minter 42,blacksmith(all born Va)

Keturah Minter 35

Matilda Minter 14

Elizabeth Minter 14

Mildred Minter 12

James W Minter 9

Jesse Minter 4

John Minter 3

These two people were often remembered by my mother as Aunt Kit and Uncle "Hup." They were much revered by their kin. (Note from J. T. Martin on these people: I have a copy of a letter written by my grandfather, Thomas Jackson Martin to his intended bride, Clara Martin Richardson, dated June 5th, 1891. T.J. Martin was the half brother of John Lee Martin mentioned above [son of Malinda Armstrong and Daniel Livingston Martin] and in this letter he wrote and I quote: "Dr. Mitchell just left here yesterday. He put in some teeth for Mrs. Minter and filled some for Jennie. I was over to Uncle Hubs last eve. Miss Laura has just returned from a visit to Miss Annie Watkins..." I wonder if the person he refers to as Uncle "Hub " is the same person Ann Richardson Cahill referred to as Uncle "Hup" as our writer states in the first part of this paragraph? There is the distinct possibility that the Mrs. Minter that T. J. Martin referred to was Aunt Kit or another Minter kinsperson in that small community in Henry County. T. J. Martin's mother was Daniel Livingston Martin's second wife, Mary Susan Elisabeth Hankins.)

Will Book 34, page 82, Circuit Court, Henry County, Va. lists heirs of S. H. Minter in 1907. No will was found:

L. T. Minter and Susan H. Minter, Henry Co. Va.

Bettie M. Land and H. M. Land, Henry Co. Va.

Matilda Martin and Abner Martin Henry Co. Va

W. E. Minter and Excie W. Minter, Danville, Va.

John H. Minter & Kitty Minter Campbell Co., Tenn.

Known data on children of Keturah Armstrong and Stephen H. Minter:

(1) Bettie M. Minter, md at 17, single, parents S. H. & K. R. Minter

Born: March 3, 1856, Henry Co. Va

Died: November 3, 1928, Henry Co. Va

Married: March 18, 1875 (MB 1, P.68, Henry Co.Circuit Ct)

To: Henry M. Land, son of Thomas and Martha Land

Born: May 3, 1855, Henry Co. Va. md at 19, single, farmer

Died: May 24, 1934, Henry Co., Va.

Both buried: Truevine (Irisburg United Methodist Church)

As a small child I remember cousin Bet Land and Henry, her husband from visits made with my mother to their home across the road from Truevine Church. You had to go across a wooden bridge that covered a creek to approach the house which sort of sat on a knoll.

The story goes that some neighborhood boys once took the family cow and boarded her up on the bridge one night. Old Henry was in a rage. He was known for being stingy and was hard to get along with. He sometimes came to our house on West Main Street in Danville to see mother and to sell vegetables.

Cousin Bet was a plump, pretty and pleasant old lady, quite deaf. She had a trumpet she put to her ear whenever you talked to her.

Bettie Minter and Henry Land had three children:

(1) Fleet Land, school teacher

Born October 16, 1879

Died: October 7, 1934

Married: to John Lee Meadors

Born: November 3, 1869

Died: April 23, 1920

Both buried: At old Truevine Church, Irisburg, Henry County

(2) Hope Land

Born: November 24, 1881

Died: August 20, 1939

Buried: Truevine Church

Married: Tom Meadors from whom she was divorced


(1)Henry, who married Eunice Richardson, daughter of William T. and Nannie Stone Richardson

(2)Edna, who married Raymond Gray and lived in Draper, N.C.(Eden). She was a school teacher, a refined lady often visiting mother. Gray was a railroad man.

(3) Henry Bruce Land

Born: June 17, 1883

Died: June 14, 1952

Married: Lena Meadors

Born: June 25, 1884

Died: February 29, 1964




Henry Bruce, Jr.

All three Land children, siblings, married brothers and sisters, also siblings, named Meadors. H. B. Land, Jr. became a Baptist minister, and at one time was a pastor at Vandalia Baptist Church off the Martinsville Road near Danville. Florence and I attended service there one Sunday and later visited his mother, Lena, who was living with him and his wife in the parsonage next door.

Keturah Armstrong and S. H. Minter Issue, continued:

(2) Matilda T. Minter

Born: October 20, 1855, Henry Co Va.

Died: December 1, 1920, Graham, N.C.

Married: 1870


Abner M. Martin, son of Stephen Lafayette Martin and Julia Mahon

Born: August 4, 1850, Henry Co. Va.

Died: July, 1915 , Henry Co. Va

Both buried: Lone Oak Baptist Church, Aiken Summit, near Iris- burg in Henry County.

According to John R. Martin, Valentine Martin of Cumberland County, Va. , they had eight sons and no daughters:

Luther M (b. 1872) Rush Starling (b. 1879) Dorsey Downey(1884)

Othan Walker (b. 1875) Joseph Addison (b. 1880) James Ballard(b. 1887)

Sammy (b. 1878) Oscar James (b. 1881)

According to Thelma Dunnevant of Martinsville, Va., Joseph Martin, son of Matilda Minter and Abner M. Martin , married Mary Lou Robertson and their children were Allison and Clifton. Clifton married Geneva Wilson who lived at Axton, Va. My sister Florence and I visited Clifton and Geneva Martin in March 1992 and Clifton stated there was another son of Matilda and Abner Martin named Jesse Martin.

According to John R. Martin in Valentine Martin of Cumberland County, Va. , Joseph Addison Martin, son of Matilda T. Minter and Abner M. Martin had children named: SynthiaLoreaner(sic), Gladys Ruth, Clifton Drewry and Joseph Allison(or Addison).

A John H. Minter and Kitty, his wife, of Campbell County, Tennessee conveyed to Jesse L. Martin, 3 and 3/4 acres of land situated on the west side of Irisburg-Ridgeway Public Road which was conveyed to K.R. Minter by Mitchell and Dunlap on January 14, 1897.

Much more research is needed on the family of Keturah Armstrong and Stephen H. Minter who at one time lived on the Irisburg-Ridgeway Road (Rt. 697) in Henry County just in front of the entrance to the farm and home place of my granddaddy, William A. Richardson. This house of the Minters was later owned and occupied by the Jesse Harris family.

Theophilus Armstrong and Milly Burgess had another daughter:

(III) Mary ( who married a man named Logan.)

Mary Logan appears in the distribution of the estate of M. B. Martin (Martha, daughter of Theophilus Armstrong and Ann Moore) as shown in Will Book 11, p. 363 of April 1, 1894 and W.B. 12 p. 365 of the Circuit Court of Henry County, Va. In the list of devisees she appears as A. M. Logan and sometimes as Mary Logan and her share is the same as Kitty R. Minter, half-sister of Martha, and J. L. Martin, son of half-sister Malinda, deceased. So I deduced she was the daughter by Milly Burgess.

In the 1890's when Theophilus Armstrong's estate was being settled, she was living in Vandalia, Audrain County, Missouri. This according to a power-of-attorney which she signed for John R. Armstrong.

I could find no marriage license for a Mary Armstrong or any other person named Armstrong and anyone named Logan in Henry County.

In reading depositions taken in the suit of Theophilus Armstrong, deceased, versus Theophilus Armstrong's heirs, Mary Logan is identified as being a daughter of Theophilus Armstrong (Docket No. 789, Chancery cases of the Circuit Court, Henry Co.).

In the papers was found a petition dated June 25, 1890 whereby Mary J. Logan, a daughter of Theophilus Armstrong, petitioned the administrator to be allowed to pay a demand note in the amount of $260.44 payable to Pratt, Simmons and Co. of St. Louis, Mo., out of her share of her father's estate. The note dated the same day was signed by Mary J. Logan and Alliene Logan. Her residence was Vandalia, Mo. By October, 1893, M. J. Logan was deceased and J. P. Davis, Sheriff of Henry County had been appointed administrator of her estate.

Theophilus Armstrong was married a second time to:

Second: Ann Moore,

Parents unknown

Born: ca 1807

Died: ca 1871-1872, Henry Co. Va.

Marriage date: August 24, 1834(Marriage Bond 1052, Henry Co. Circuit Court)

This note was on the marriage bond: "This note will show Mr. Armstrong has approbation to apply for his license". Signed: Ann Moore, Witness A. M. Dupuy. (Hill's History of Henry County, Va.; p. 162; "Anthony Martin Dupuy, Trustee of 1st Methodist Church in Martinsville, 1888".

P. 49 "Anthony Dupuy, active in the First Methodist Church of Martinsville; also signed a petition on December 9, 1847 for an amendment to the laws relative to retailing ardent spirits". P. 301 "On April 8, 1852 he was listed among petitioners for the establishment of a savings bank at Martinsville".

Ann Moore could have been connected with the Reamey family of Henry County as shown by the following conveyance: (Deed Book 13, p. 146, Clerk's Office,Circ. Ct.):

"Know all men by these presents that I, John Reamey, for and in consideration of the natural love and affection that I bear to Ann Armstrong have given to her and do hereby give to her one negro girl named Patty now in the possession of Theophilus Armstrong, husband of said Armstrong, during her natural life and at her death I give the said negro girl and her increase to the surviving children of said Ann Armstrong.

Given under my hand and seal this 25th day of August, 1845.

(signed) John Reamey (seal)"

In Henry County Clerk's Office the 25th day of August 1845, the foregoing gift from John Reamey to Ann Armstrong was acknowledged by said Reamey to be his act and submitted to record. (E. Griggs, Clerk).

Reference, p 248, Hill's History of Henry County, Va. re Reamey family follows:

"The Reameys were early Henry County school teachers, according to Mrs. Hill. A John Reamey, Sr. married Mary M. Pace, daughter of John Pace and Elizabeth." (The mother of Milly Burgess, first wife of Theophilus Armstrong was Lucy Pace, daughter of John Pace. Perhaps there was a connection.)

Page 29, line 49, Register of Deaths, Henry County 1853-1880 shows the death of Mrs. Mary M. Reamey at Bold Branch, Henry County, on November 15, 1862 at age 74 years, 1 month. Her place of birth was Smith River. Her husband, John Reamey, Sr. gave the information. "John Reamey lived to a good old age and died near Irisburg, Va, without issue", says Hill.

In the will of John Pace (WB 3, p. 114), Polly Stone is listed as companion and acknowledged wife of John Pace. Besides the name of Lucy Burgess, mother of Milly Burgess, there appears other daughters, Elizabeth Moore and Polly Reamey. Could Ann Moore have been related to the husband of Elizabeth Moore? Somehow or other I believe Ann Moore was related to the Reameys, perhaps a niece of his or his wife's?

There is also of record a marriage license (September 29, 1828) whereby Malinda Moore (James Moore, father) married a Benjamin H. Floyd. (Waning Hill, minister). S. H. Moore appears in the settlement of Theophilus Armstrong's estate as purchaser of certain articles and in Will Book 11 p. 505, the appraisal of the estate of S.H. Moore dated January 19, 1895 concerning 2500 hundred pounds of tobacco at $8.00 per hundred ($200.00 total) was signed by John R. Armstrong, W. O. Mitchell and T. J. Eggleston. John R. Armstrong was a son of Theophilus and Ann Moore Armstrong and perhaps S. H. Moore was his mother's brother.

My mother's name was Ann Floyd Richardson. Could she have been named for a kinsman? It's most likely that she was.

My mother also told us of the stagecoach ride her mother, Betty Armstrong Richardson, took to Richmond with her mother, Ann Moore Armstrong. Perhaps the Moore's came from that vicinity.

John Reamey mentioned above, according to Hill's History of Henry County, Va. was a son of Daniel Remi who was a Revolutionary War soldier under Washington at Valley Forge and was in subsequent campaigns promoted to the rank of Colonel. Daniel was a son of Pierre de Remi ( French) who was a son of Abram de Remi of Picardy, France. He settled with other refugees at Manican Town (also known as Manakintown), a colony of French planters, not far from Richmond (in Goochland County, Va.). Abram later migrated to Henry County, so says Hill.

John R. Martin's Valentine Martin of Cumberland County, Va., page 132-33 states that Dr. Benjamin Jones (father of Thomas Jones who was father of Jane Jones who married Abner Martin) was married to Elizabeth de Remi (Reamy) of Prince William County, Va., the daughter of Colonel Daniel de Remi (Sr.) and his first wife, Jemima. Elizabeth was born 2-5-1756 and was married to Benjamin Jones on September 7, 1776 by the Rev. Devereaux Jarrett, an Episcopal minister who later baptized their son Thomas and two of his brothers. Thomas Jones was born in Prince William County, Va. on December 15, 1778 and married Elizabeth (Eliza) Dalton Lyell (born Sept. 5, 1785) (John Lyell, surety). She was a daughter of Ann Stuart (descendant of James 1st of England and 6th King of Scotland) and Joseph Lyell. (Information furnished John R. Martin by Robert James Fagg, Box 152, Martinsville, Va.).


Daniel Reamey, Jr. married Susan Starling, a granddaughter of Major John Redd of Henry County fame. The Starling kin somehow came into grandmother Betty Richardson's family so mother said as Betty's middle name was Starling as is her grandson's, William Starling "Pete" Cahill, my brother.

The Reameys were a family of teachers in the Henry County educational field prior to the free school system according to Hill.

James Richardson, Jr., Ann Moore Armstrong's great grandson who lived in the Irisburg neighborhood all his life, always said Ann Moore was a school teacher. I wonder why her husband, Theophilus and son William never learned to write their names?

Ann Moore's parents and origin are as much a mystery as those of her husband. It needs a great deal more research. I give the above information here in hope it might give some clues to future researchers.

Ann Moore Armstrong appears in the 1870 Virginia Census. She apparently died soon thereafter , since Theophilus married for a third time in 1872.

Ann is buried on the old Armstrong place adjacent to granddaddy William A. Richardson's farm on Route 697, Irisburg. There is no tombstone or marker. My mother, Ann R. Cahill often said her mother, wife of William A. Richardson, would cry when she saw how George W. Hill, her son-in-law who bought the old Armstrong place, desecrated the grave site by turning it into a pig sty. A brother was also buried there.

Children of Theophilus Armstrong and Ann Moore:

(1) James Armstrong

Born ca 1835

Died 5-16-1864

Married: Not known

In the 1840 Virginia Census for Henry County re Theophilus Armstrong, besides him and his wife there is listed one son, age 5 but under age 10 (They did not list names in the 1840 Census except the head of the household). In the 1850 Census, James is named, aged 10. In the 1860 Census there is no "James" listed under the Theophilus Armstrong household but a James Armstrong is listed individually as living in Irisburg. (1860 Virginia Census 006, Irisburg P.O. 13 day of June, 1860).

James A. Armstrong is listed in Ralph White Gunn's 24th Virginia Infantry, the series on Confederate Soldiers records. He enlisted in Co. H., 6-5-1861 at Lynchburg. He was in Chimborazo (hospital) from 12-8-1861 to 1-8-1862 with jaundice. Captured Williamsburg, paroled and exchanged from Fortress Monroe. Killed at Drewry's Bluff on 5-16-1864. I did not find James Armstrong listed in the Deaths of Henry County. Mother always said her mother had two brothers killed in the Civil War. The other was Joseph.

(2) Elizabeth (Betty) Starling Armstrong

Born: October 30, 1836, Henry County, Va.

Died June 15, 1916, Henry County, Va.

Married: December 25, 1862, Henry Co.(Marriage Reg. 1, p. 11)

To: William Arnold Richardson

Born: December 5, 1835 at Leatherwood, Henry Co., Va.

Died: October 15, 1913, Irisburg, Henry Co., Va.

Son of George W. & Clarissa Martin Richardson

Both are buried at Old Truevine Church, now Irisburg United Methodist Church.


(1) Mary Josephine Richardson (Mary Jo) m. George W. Hill

(2) Clara Martin Richardson m. Thomas Jackson Martin

(3) James Armstrong m. (i) Betty Holland (ii) Pearl Shackelford Semple

(4) Jesse Martin Richardson m. Beatrice Cahill (5) a daughter who died one day old: 3-22-1870 to 3-23-1870

(6)William Theophilus Richardson m. Nannie Lenora Stone

(7) George Thomas Richardson m. Betty Pearl Lester

(8) John A. Richardson unmarried

(9) Ann Floyd Richardson m. Dr. W. D. Y. Cahill

References: 1870 Census, July 8, J. R. Pedigo, Leatherwood Township. (Irisburg was probably not a district then) 46, p. 31:

William Richardson 35 Male White Born Va. Occup: Farmer

Elizabeth Richardson 34 Female White Born Va. Occup: Keeping house

Mary J.(Molly Jo) R. 7 Female White Born Va.

Clara Richardson 6 Female White Born Va.

James Richardson 4 Male White Born Va.

Jesse Richardson 2 Male White Born Va.

Deed Book 19, p. 186 of August 1896: William A. Richardson and Elizabeth, his wife, of the first part, and Warren Norman of the second part, John R. Armstrong, Trustee, to secure 28 acres, being a portion of tract conveyed by Theophilus Armstrong to said William A. Richardson, John R. Armstrong and others. George L. Richardson, notary (Uncle "Guinea").

Deed Book 21, p. 643 of June 30, 1884: John R. Armstrong and Hattie, his wife, to William A. Richardson, consideration of $250.00, 49 acres on Middle Creek adjoining lands of J. E. Wootson, Jack Fitt, Grief Lamkin and being said Armstrong's interest in the tract of land formerly owned by Theophilus Armstrong.

(3) Matilda Armstrong

Born: ca 1839-40


Married: December 24, 1857 (M.B. 1, p.5, Circt.Ct.Henry Co.Va.)

To: John Floyd Martin, son of Abner Martin and Jane Jones

He: 23 years old and single. She: 17 and single.

Both born and raised in Henry County, Va.

His Occup: Teacher. Minister was W. M. Ferguson

According to John Martin in Valentine Martin of Cumberland County, Va. , John Floyd Martin was born in January 1834 in Henry County and died January 22, 1862 in Henry County. Above reference also states they had two children named Laurie Martin born ca. 1859 and Floyd Martin born ca. 1861.

The 1870 Census for Virginia shows Matilda Martin, aged 26 in the household of Theophilus Armstrong listing and showing her children as Annie 11, and Laurie age 8.

Still again in the Bill of Complaint in the chancery case in the Circuit Court of Henry County, Va. of John Martin, et als, vs. James Stone, et als dated September 1891 (Docket # 824) re settlement of the estate of Sarah Martin Armstrong, third wife of Theophilus Armstrong who was a sister of John Floyd Martin...the children of John Floyd Martin, deceased, are listed as Annie Martin (husband was John Martin) and Malinda Kemp (husband was John Kemp).

I did not check for a military record of John Floyd Martin, but since he died in 1862 during the Civil War he may well could have served.

From 1862 to 1865, Henry County Circuit Court accounts current show Theophilus Armstrong, administrator of John F. Martin, deceased, W. B. 6, p. 533, 534, 676; W. B.9., p 110.

(4) Sally Armstrong

Born ca 1841-1842, Henry County, Va.

Died: ______________

Married: August 20, 1876

To: William Butler Scales, son of Nathaniel Henry Scales and Elizabeth L. Moore (could she be a kinsman of Ann Moore?)


Walter, David and Mattie

The above information was given me by Jane Scales Fulk, Rt 2, Box 15, Ararat, Va. 24053 in June, 1986.

Locke: The Henry Bulletin, Martinsville, Va., January 18, 1901, page 3:

" Miss Ann Richardson has returned from Ararat where she attended the marriage of her cousin, Miss Mattie Scales to Mr. Lewis Hoge of King George County".

Ann Richardson, my mother, often spoke of her visits to Mt. Airy, N.C. near Ararat. She and her cousin Walter Scales were great friends and just years before she died she said he had proposed to her and she refused because he was her first cousin. He left shortly after the proposal and joined the Spanish American War (mother said, I believe).

Sally and William Butler Scales were parties to various documents pertaining to Theophilus Armstrong's estate. In 1874 when he divided his homeplace, Sally was still unmarried. Later she and her husband gave their certifications in Patrick County, Va. Also in 1892.

The obituary of Elizabeth A. Richardson dated July 7, 1916 states at the time of Elizabeth's death that she was survived by two sisters, Sally Scales of Spotsylvania County, Va. and Matilda Martin of Leaksville (N. C.) and one brother, John R. Armstrong of Martinsville, Va.

On a receipt signed by Sallie M. Scales dated October 1, 1893 for $25.00 found in the chancery suit of her father's estate, Sallie wrote to her brother John: "Dear John. Please tell Mr. Shackelford (the administrator) to send the money. It would put me to trouble to get the check cashed. We are well. I was having a lonesome time. The children are going to school. We would like so much to see you all. Love, affectionately, Sallie"..." Direct to Friends Mission, Patrick County, Va. Please come to see me. I will be glad to get the money. We certainly need it. Good bye".

Of interest is the 1850 Virginia Census, Patrick County, p. 112, D. No. 666. Family No. 705:

Nathaniel H. Scales 31 Male Farmer Value of Real Estate $3,000 Born N.C.

Elizabeth Scales 21 Female

William B. Scales 2 Male

Reardon Scales 1 Female

Hulett Smith 18 Male, Laborer

Of interest, to me at least, are the following conveyances of the old Theophilus Armstrong home place:

Sally was not married when Theophilus Armstrong divided his home tract among his six surviving children by Ann Moore. Sally, Martha and Matilda received the 137 acre tract, including the home place.

By deed of April, 9 1879 (Deed Book 21, p. 402), William B. Scales and Sallie M. Scales, his wife, of Patrick County, Va. and Matilda D. Martin of Henry County, Va. conveyed to James C. Martin, husband of Martha for a consideration of $500 the above tract of land lying on the waters of Middle Creek in Henry County, adjoining the lands of Rubin Maher on the north, John R. Lee on the west and south and William Richardson on the east. The deed was not recorded until November 1, 1883.

Subsequently the property was conveyed from James C. Martin and Matilda B. Martin, his wife, to J. E. Woodson by deed dated December 24, 1883, recorded in Deed Book 21, p. 454.

By deed dated August 24, 1896 recorded in Deed Book 29 p. 86, J. E. Woodson and S. J. Woodson, his wife, conveyed the 137 acres on the waters of Middle Creek adjoining lands of Warren Norman, et als, to George W. and Molly J. Hill for $700.00.

Children of Ann Moore and Theophilus Armstrong, continued:

(5) William Armstrong

Born: ca. 1840-1845

Died ________

Married: ________

To: Mary _______


1870 Census, Henry County, Va., July 8, 1870. (Leatherwood Township, Henry M.593,1656, 47):

William Armstrong 25 Male Farm laborer

Mary Armstrong 30 Female

1870 Census of West Virginia by William A. Marsh. Danville Library had only Volumes 1-6. Could not locate.

Deed Book 24 p. 49, February 20, 1890. Power of Attorney from William Armstrong to John R. Armstrong, signed at Peterstown, Monroe County, West Va. (William signed by his mark). (Monroe County is next to Giles and Craig counties in Va.).

(6) Joseph H. Armstrong

Born: April 14, 1843, Leatherwood, Henry County, Va.

Died May 10, 1862, Richmond, Va.

Buried at the old Armstrong family cemetery , Irisburg, Henry County at home place of Theophilus Armstrong . No marker.

From the Deaths of Henry County, Virginia p. 42:

"Joseph H. Armstrong, May 10, 1862, Richmond, Va. Unknown cause of death. aged 19 years, 11 months, 27 days. Parents: Theophilus and Ann Armstrong. Born: Leatherwood, occupation: farmer. Information given by Theophilus Armstrong, father." Reference: The 24th Virginia Infantry, The Virginia Regimental Historic Series by Ralph White Gunn:

"Armstrong, Joseph H. Enlisted Co. H. 6-5-1861 at Lynchburg, sick, summer 1861, died of typhoid fever 5-10-1862 in Chimboraza Hospital. Under Colonel Jubal A. Early." (Note: The enlistment date is the same as his brother James).




(My mother, Ann Floyd Richardson Cahill, always said that the picture above was that of Joseph H. Armstrong, who was a brother of her mother, Elizabeth "Betty" Starling Armstrong Richardson. This Joe Armstrong, a son of Theophilus Armstrong, was killed in the Civil War.) (Mary Cahill, Danville, Va.).

(7) Martha Armstrong (Mattie B.) Born: ca 1839-1844

Died: 1891

Married: May 14, 1871

To: J. C. (James) Martin

Born ca. 1831

Died ca 1889-1890 (Parents unknown)

(Marriage records state: He age 40, widowed, raised Henry Co. Va. She age 27, single, born and raised Henry Co. Va. His occupation: Merchant.

No issue.

In the 1860 Census for Theophilus Armstrong, Martha is listed as being 21 which would mean she was born around 1839. However, marriage license (issued in 1871) states she was 27, which would mean she was born in 1844.

Martha died sometime in 1891 after the death of her father in 1889 and John R.
Armstrong, her brother was appointed administrator on June 19, 1891. List of property appraised by S. A. Moore dated October 25, 1891 ( W. B. 11, p. 199) showed estate consisted of bank certificate of $186.23, cash of $108.37, feather bed $6.00. Total; $260.60. W.B. 11 p. 363, April 1, 1894 and W. B. 12 p. 365 shows settlement of account of M. B. Martin, dec'd by John R. Armstrong, administrator. Its devisees were:

Kitty R. Minter share $17.30 (half-sister)

Lizzie S. Richardson share 34.60 (whole sister)

Matilda D. Martin share 34.60 (whole sister)

W. L. Armstrong share 34.60 (whole brother)

Sallie M. Scales share 34.60 (whole sister)

A. M. Logan share 17.30 (this was apparently the same Alliene Logan mentioned in Mary Logan data as Mary had died by October 1892)

John R. Armstrong share 34.60 (whole brother)

J. L. Martin(John Lee) share 17.30 (son of half-sister, Malinda, deceased).


Martha and her husband James C. Martin owned the Theophilus Armstrong home tract of 137 acres. This was the share of Martha, Sally and Matilda in the division of Theophilus Armstrong's property in 1874 among his six surviving children by Ann Moore. Sally and Matilda subsequently conveyed their shares to Martha and James C. Martin. (See data on Sally Armstrong Scales).

A deed of trust recorded in DB 21, p. 16 dated June 8, 1882 shows J. C. Martin as trustee to secure to Theophilus Armstrong $100 for lot of land containing 150 acres lying on the waters of Fall Creek adjoining the lands of Mrs Julia Turner on the north, Roland Myers on the west and Sol Franklin and Grief Lamkin on the east, which said Armstrong had sold to Doctor Harris. Witnessing the signature was W. A. Richardson, Justice of said county. (This document was marked satisfied by J. C. Martin on April 24, 1889).

So J. C. Martin must have died sometime between 1889 and 1891 when his wife, Martha died. Since her devisees were her siblings, I deduced they had no children.

(8) John Ramey Armstrong

Born: November 4, 1845, Henry Co., Va.

Died: February 15, 1920, Marion, Va.

Married: October 2, 1867

To: Hattie S. Baugh, daughter of Richard and Fannie Baugh of Powhatan County, Va.

Born: April 22, 1834

Died: July 98, 1907, Henry Co., Va.

Both buried at old Truevine (Now Irisburg United Meth.Church)

(His middle name was given in a letter to me from Mrs. Brooks R. Leavitt, Martinsville, Va. She is his great-granddaughter. I won- der if his middle name could be Reamey for John Reamey.)


(1) Annie M. Armstrong

Born: September 30, 1872, Henry Co., Va.

Died February 11, 1895, Henry Co., Va.

Buried with parents at Truevine(Irisburg U. Meth.Church)

According to my brother, W. S. "Pete" Cahill and Mrs. Thelma Dunevant, a cousin, she was the first person buried at the Old Truevine Church cemetery. I have a picture she gave my mother. She was mother's cousin and best friend. In her teens, she had a carbuncle on her shoulder which a doctor lanced and in doing so, he cut a nerve. The shoulder never grew and was lower that the other. She died at age 22 years.



(John Ramey [or Reamey] Armstrong, son of Theophilus Armstrong. He was exceedingly tall and my brother, "Pete", says he had to stoop to come in Grandmother Richardson's house. He was a representative to the Virginia House of Delegates from Henry County.) (Mary Cahill, Danville, Va.)



(Annie M. Armstrong, daughter of John R. Armstrong. She was one of my mother's favorite cousins. She died at age 21 from pneumonia. (Mary Cahill).

(2) Fannie Armstrong

Born: July 2, 1869, Henry County, Va.

Died: February 26, 1939, Henry County

Married September 13, 1891, Henry County

To: Jesse Martin Shackelford, M. D.

Born: December 7, 1869, Henry County, Va.

Died October 7, 1941, Martinsville, Va.

Son of Geo. W. and Pattie(Martha) Richardson Shackelford

Both buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Martinsville,Va.

Marriage is of record in M. B. 1, p. 171, September 13, 1891, Henry Co., Va.:

J. M. Shackelford, 21, single, born and raised Henry Co., Va.. Fannie Armstrong, 21, single, born and raised in Henry Co., Va. His parents: G. W. and M. A. Shackelford. Her parents: J. R. and H. Armstrong. Minister: Robert C. Anderson.

John R. Armstrong served in the Tenth Virginia Calvary, K. Co., under Col. Caskie and Captain Graham. He entered service April, 1864 at Spotsylvania Courthouse, left service at the surrender of the Confederate Army.

He served in the Virginia House of delegates 1895-1896.

Item found in The Henry Bulletin, Martinsville, Va. February 20, 1920:

"John Shackelford of Johns Hopkins University was called here this week by the death of his grandfather, John Armstrong".

Separate article in same paper:

"News was received here last Saturday of the death of John Armstrong of Marion, Va. He was the father of Mrs. J. M. Shackelford and lived here for many years. His remains were brought here and taken to Irisburg for burial, which was his old home."

Some land transactions of John R. Armstrong in Henry County:

DB 19 p 322, July 4, 1877:

John R. Armstrong of the first part and S. L. Martin, Trustee, second part, tract on waters of Middle Creek adjoining land of C. H. Norman, L. G. Minter, et als on which the party of the first part now resides, containing 50 acres, more or less, securing payment to Theophilus Armstrong, bond dated July 4, 1877.(Satisfied Sept. 12,1884.)

DB 19 p 350, (date not copied):

John R. Armstrong and Luther G. Minter (they were cousins) to S. G. Whittle, Trustee, to secure bond to Grief Lamkin, 50 acres of Armstrong in Middle Creek and 61 acres of Minter on which each reside.

DB 19, p. 449, January 10, 1877:

John R. Armstrong sells above 50 acres to Luther Minter for $480.00.

DB 21, p. 287, May 28, 1883:

Morgan J. Wilson and Susan P. Wilson, parties of the first part and John R. Armstrong and William G. Shackelford, parties of the second part, for a consideration of $500.00. Parties of the first part convey to parties of the second part a certain location for a mill site on Fall Creek in Henry County, mouth of a small branch which leads from the house in which James W. Mitchell now lives...right to erect a dam and build up a right-of- way for a road to said mill site leading from Fall Creek Church to Green S. Gravely's grocery, on public road leading from Irisburg to Leaksville.

DB 21, p. 584 (Date not copied):

J R. Armstrong to Eliza Turner, deed of trust on land on which Armstrong now resides, D. T. Meadors, Trustee.

DB 21, p. 643, June 30, 1884:

John R. Armstrong and Hattie, his wife, of the first part and William A. Richardson of the second part for consideration of $250.00. Certain tract on waters of Middle Creek containing 49 acres, adjoining lands of J. E. Wootson, Jack Fitts, Grief Lamkin and being said Armstrong's interest in the tract of land formerly owned by Theophilus Armstrong.

DB 22, p. 650, May 28, 1883:

Morgan J. Wilson and Susan P. Wilson, his wife to John R. Armstrong for $156.33, 17 acres, more or less, situated on Irisburg and Centerville Road on headwaters of Fall Creek adjoining lands of Mrs. Julia H. Turner and C. H. Norman.

DB 22, p. 651, January 13, 1877:

John Turner and Eliza, his wife, to John R. Armstrong for consideration of $830.00, tract of land situated on tributary of Middle Creek adjoining land of Grief Lamkin and C. H. Norman and others, commencing at a pine near Cascade and Henry Courthouse Road, corner with J. O. Martin and Grief Lamkin, corner with Theophilus Armstrong and Grief Lamkin, et als, containing 113& 1/3 acres. (Why this deed bears an earlier date than above, I don't understand. Could be I copied it incorrectly.)

DB 33, p. 168, March 15, 1905:

John R. Armstrong and Hattie S. Armstrong, his wife, to James L. Meadors and Ruby Meadors, his wife, for consideration of $1,000.00, conveys: (1) Tract containing 52 acres, more or less, being the remainder of tract conveyed to John R.Armstrong from John Turner by deed of bearing date of January 13, 1877, recorded in Clerk's Office of Henry County, Va. in DB 22, p. 651, having conveyed a tract of 6 acres to L. G. Minter by deed of January 10, 1877 which deed is recorded in DB 19, p. 449. (2) Tract No. 2 containing 17 acres, more or less, same conveyed to John R. Armstrong from M. J. Wilson by deed of May 28, 1883 in DB 22, p. 650.

See DB 33, p. 202, March 31, 1879 between Theophilus Armstrong and Sarah, his wife, to John R. Armstrong, gift to John R. Armstrong. Beginning with a pile of rocks at Mrs. Julia Turner's corner, thence a new line N. 76º W 6¼ poles to Centerville Road, thence a new line S 20º W 4½ poles to J. R. Armstrong's line, containing 29 poles. Map recorded with deed:

DB 33 p. 238, July 7, 1905:

John R. Armstrong and Hattie S. Armstrong, his wife, to James L. Meadors and Ruby Meadors, 29 poles running with Mrs. Julia Turner's line to Centerville Road. to John Armstrong's old line.

These conveyances to the Meadors (she was Ruby Shackelford, daughter of George W. and Martha Richardson Shackelford) was the homeplace of John and Hattie Armstrong and was directly across the road from Theophilus Armstrong's store. It would appear that Theophilus Armstrong was buried on part of this land close to the road across from his (Theophilus')store.

In depositions taken in the settlement of his father's estate, John R. Armstrong stated he lived about 100 yards from his father. He also stated the Armstrong children were not consulted as to where his father would be buried. This was strange!

Will Book 11, p. 505:

List of property appraised for the estate of S. A. Moore, January 19, 1895:

2500 lbs. of tobacco @ $8.00 per hundred , $200.00

(S) John R. Armstrong . W. D. Mitchel, T. J. Eggleston

Filed June 22, 1897

This name, S.A. Moore, appears at various times with the Armstrongs. I wonder if he was a brother of Ann Moore. This needs further research.

Theophilus Armstrong was married the third time to Sarah Jane Martin, daughter of Abner and Jane Jones Martin. She was

Born: May 31, 1829

Died February 2, 1891 (Ref. John Martin's Valentine Martin of Cumber- land County, Va.)

Married: September 25, 1872 (M.B. 1, p. 52, Henry Co., Circuit Ct.)

Document states: He 65, widower, born North Carolina

She 43, single, born Henry Co., Va.

His parents: father unknown, mother Jinney Armstrong

He occupation: Farmer

Census of July 9, 1870, p. 43, Leatherwood District, shows:

Jane R. Martin, 64 white female, widow of Abner Martin

Sarah J. Martin, 39 white female, farm laborer, daughter

Martha Martin 24, white female, at home

Thomas, Jr. 22, farm laborer

Theophilus died October 23, 1889, Henry County, Va. He is buried at the crossroads of 697 and 650, Irisburg, Henry County. Sarah Jane Martin Armstrong died February 2, 1891, buried with husband at Irisburg crossroads.


1806 November 18: Born in North Carolina(references to birthplace: 1850 & 1860 Va. Census and marriage license to third wife.)

1810 Census: Not listed (He probably came to Virginia during this period of time,

1820 Census: Not listed (some time between 1810 to 1820)

1829 May 31: Married Milly Burgess at age 23.

1830 March 8: Malinda Ann, daughter born

1830 He appears that year for the first time in the Virginia Census:

Armstrong, Theophilus, head of household, 1 male between 20 and 30, 1 female between 20 and 30, 1 female between 0 and 5 (Himself, wife Milly and daughter Malinda) He had 3 non-whites in the household (slaves)

1832 Keturah, daughter, born

1832, February 15: D.B. 11, p. 192, Theophilus Armstrong and James A. Crews, bought 100 acres on Mulberry Creek in Henry County, Va. from James E.Bouldin and Malinda, his wife. Conveyance included residence of said James Bouldin, all houses, mills, machinery and other appurtenances; also blacksmith shop. Bould- in to surrender land by the first of April, but retain use of houses, shop, utilities and use of firewood and cord wood for the blacksmith shop until December 25. Anthony M. Dupuy was party of third part, securing bonds totaling $2,300.

James A. Crews, Anthony M. Dupuy and James E. Bouldin signed, but Theophilus Armstrong put "his mark". The deed was recorded February 25, 1832.

Records of Old Lunenburg County, of which Henry County was a part, shows a James Bouldin in 1740 was awarded 400 acres on the branches of Callaway Creek and Mulberry Creek, Henry County. The deed referred to below dated February 12, 1834 states that the 100 acres Armstrong and Crews purchased from James E. Bouldin was derived from his father.

Bouldin's name appears frequently on documents of Theophilus Armstrong and I wonder if Armstrong's daughter by Milly Burgess, Malinda, was not named for Bouldin's wife, Malinda.

Mulberry Creek as shown on today's map is located between Spruce Street and the Carolina and Northwestern Railroad near Dundee. You can turn off Church Street in Martinsville on to Brookdale Street, go about four miles and you will find Mulberry Creek running to the east of Spruce Street. It crosses Spruce and runs on down to Smith River. Spruce Street seems to be what was once the old Mar- tinsville- Irisburg Road. This data brings to mind the story of "Old Man Lamkin's Store". It seems conflicting as this site is some ten miles from Irisburg.

1833 Daughter Mary (who later married a Logan) probably born this year.

1833 Wife, Milly died.

1834 August 24: Married 2nd wife, Ann Moore

1835 James A., son, born.

1836 October 30: Elizabeth "Betty" Starling, daughter, born.

1839 or 1840: Matilda, daughter, born.



1840 Virginia Census. Henry 283, No. T W P-L (line 30) shows 1 son and 5 daughters:

Males between 30 and 40 one (Theophilus)

Males between 5 and 10 one (son James)

Females between 30 and 40 one (Ann, his wife)

Females between 10 and 15 one (Malinda, daughter)

Females between 5 and 10 two (Keturah and Mary, daughters)

Females between 0 and 5 two (Elizabeth and Matilda, daughters).

1841 Sally, daughter, born.

1839-44 Martha, daughter, born. Hard to estimate her exact year of birth as records differ.

1842 William, son, born.

1843 April 14, son, Joseph H., born.

1845 John Reamey gives Ann Armstrong slave named Patty and her increase.

1850 Virginia Census, Henry County. 042 TWPL. Family 567, dated September 30.

Theophilus Armstrong 40 male farmer born N.C. (Val.real est.$100 or $700)

Ann Armstrong 42 female born Va.

Malinda Armstrong 19 female born Va.(by Milly Burgess)

Elizabeth Armstrong 12 female born Va.

Martha Armstrong 11 female born Va.

James Armstrong 10 male born Va.

Matilda Armstrong 9 female born Va.

Sally Armstrong 9(?) female born Va.

William A. Armstrong 8 male born Va.

Joseph Armstrong 7 male born Va.

John R. Armstrong 5 male born Va.

1852 Curator for Lucy Burgess, mother of first wife Milly.(W.B. 5, p 341)

1853-60 Continued as curator for Lucy Burgess(5-389,553,607,6-56,136,212,365).

1856 (DB 15-169) Richard L. Lamkin to Theophilus Armstrong, 270 acres on Middle Creek at Caroll's Branch, near lands of William Bouldin (the old homeplace near Grandma Richardson's).

Note: It is interesting that family 569 enumerated close to Theophilus Armstrong in the 1850 census shows:

George W. Lamkin, 40 male, farmer, born N.C.

Sarah Lamkin, 27 female, born Va. (age questionable)

Rebecca Jones, 27 female born Va

Martha W. Lamkin 8 female born Va

______ H. Lamkin 4 male born Va.

Family # 570 shows:

Richard G.(L.) Lamkin 50 male,farmer born Va.(Val.Real Est:$3300)

Ann P. Lamkin 35 female born Va

Grief Lamkin 16 male born N.C.

Elijah Lamkin 14 male born N.C.

Joseph Lamkin 11 male born Va.

Mary Lamkin 9 female born Va.

Clay Ann Lamkin 7 female born Va

______ Lamkin 2 female born Va.

Mary Lamkin 84 female born Va.

Jane Anderson 12 female born Va.

Vivian P. Anderson 17 female born Va.

Henry Land 23 male born Va.

George W. Lamkin and Theophilus Armstrong were both born in N.C. and both were the same age. Could he have been the Lamkin he came to Henry County with? or was it George's father? This is worth investigating further. (An educated guess is that the Mary Lamkin, aged 84 in the household of Richard G. Lamkin, above is the probable mother of Richard [and probably also of George Lamkin]. She could likely be the spouse of "Old Man Lamkin" elsewhere referred to.)

1857 December 24: Matilda, daughter, married John Floyd Martin.

1857 -1860 Truevine Church Records:

July 17, 1857: Theophilus Armstrong paid $1.00, costs of church joining Roa- noke Association.

September 18, 1857: Miss Elizabeth S. Armstrong joined church.

October 16, 1857: Theophilus Armstrong, Edmond Dean and S.L. Martin elected delegates to Mayo meeting.

July 16, 1859: Theophilus Armstrong elected delegate to Blue Ridge Association.

August 16, 1860: S.L.Martin and Theo.Armstrong delegates to Blue Ridge Ass'n

(Taken from minutes of Truevine Church in possession of ______ Jones Dunevant, a school teacher of Charlotte Courthouse, Va. Her father was Robert Jones of Irisburg. She said she planned to give these minutes to the Virginia Baptist Historical Society in Richmond).




1860 Virginia Census, Page 26, line 004, T. Armstrong, Irisburg P.O., Henry Co., Va.

Theophilus Armstrong

William Armstrong 20 male

Joseph Armstrong 17 male

John Armstrong 13 male

Bettie Armstrong 22 female

Martha Armstrong 21 female

Sallie Armstrong 18 female

1860 Virginia Census shows son James Armstrong living at separate household # 006.

1861 June 5: Sons James A. and Joseph H. enlisted in Confederate Army at Lynchburg

1862 January 22: Son-in-law, John "Floyd" Martin dies as member of C.S.A.

1862 May 10: Son Joseph H. died of typhoid fever in Chimbarazo Hospital, Richmond

1862 Theophilus Armstrong administrator of John Floyd Martin, deceased (Will Books to 1865 (6-533, 534, 676, 7-17, 70, 9-110).

1862 D.B. 17-373: Theophilus Armstrong, Commissioner by order of court, sells to John H. Burgess for $804.75, a parcel of land known as Davis Burgess tract lying in Henry County on the south side of Smith River, 144 acres, m/l, bounded by J. H. Burgess and Abraham Boaze. Theophilus Armstrong signed by "mark". Witness was Mattie Armstrong.

1862 December 25: Daughter Betty marries William Arnold Richardson (my gr'parents).

1864 May 16: Son James A. killed at Drewry's Bluff in C.S.A.

1864 April: Son, John Ramey Armstrong joins Confederate Army.

1866 Chancery Order Book 7, p. 129: William Armstrong charged with stealing and court is of the opinion "he is not guilty and he be discharged". (Ref. General Index and Ended Law and Chancery (A-B). Plaintiffs 1777-1904, County Court, Henry County, Va.,p 45.)

1867 October 2: Son, John R. marries Hattie Baugh

1868 November 18: DB 17, p.116:

Richard Murphy, party of first part and John R. Armstrong, party of the second part, securing indebtedness to Theophilus Armstrong and Dr. James Semple $12.50 on crop of tobacco and stocks raised in 1868, and one cow.

1869 June 12: DB 17-184. Reuben Maher and his wife Nancy to Theophilus Arm- strong for $65.00 a lot of land adjoining lands of William H. Bouldin,Armstrong and Reuben Maher, containing 6½ acres.

1860's Son William marries Mary _____(could not locate marriage license in Henry Co.)

1870 Virginia Census Series 593, Roll 1656, p. 50, July 9, 1870, Leatherwood. (Irisburg District had not yet been separated from Leatherwood).

Theophilus Armstrong 65 white male

Ann Armstrong 70 white female

Martha Armstrong 25 white female (Mar'd J.C. Martin 1871)

Sally Armstrong 21 white female (Mar'd W.B.Scales 1876)

1870 Virginia Census, Leatherwood Twp, Henry M, 593-1656-47:

William Armstrong 25 white male , farm laborer

Mary Armstrong 30 white female

1870 Virginia Census, Leatherwood Twp M593-1656-49

John R. Armstrong (forgot) white male, farm laborer

Harriett Armstrong 30 white female (wife)

Fannie Armstrong 1 white female (daughter)

1871 May 14: Martha, daughter, marries J. C. Martin

1871 -1872: Wife, Ann Moore dies.

1872 September 25: Marries 3rd wife, Sarah Jane Martin

1874 October 24: Divides homeplace and acreage and personal property among children by Ann Moore, per the following deed:

DB 18-253: Theophilus Armstrong of the first part and John R. Armstrong, Sarah M. Armstrong (should be Sally M.), Elizabeth Richardson, Matilda D. Martin and Martha B. Martin, children of the said Theophilus Armstrong, of the second part, in consideration of the love and affection Theophilus Armstrong has for the parties of the second part, hereby Theophilus Armstrong conveys five-sixths of a certain tract or parcel of land lying in Henry County, State of Va. on Middle Creek, containing 282 and 7/8 acres,be the same m/l, and bounded by the lands of Warren Norman, Grief Lamkin, John Lee and Reuben Maher, together with five-sixths of all the personal property of all kinds and every description thereon belonging to the said Theophilus Armstrong. And the said Theophilus Armstrong appoints his son, John R. Armstrong, Trustee for son William Armstrong, and grants unto the said John R. Armstrong the remaining one-sixth interest in the above mentioned land and personal property to hold in trust for my son William Armstrong, and authorize John R. Armstrong to proceed as early as practicable to ascertain the amount of value of the aforesaid property by sale either privately or publicly, taking the purchaser's or purchasers' bond bearing interest from the day of sale and waiving the Homestead with security, retaining the title until the bond or bonds for the above-mentioned one-sixth interest is fully paid and discharged, and that the said John R. Armstrong as Trustee shall collect the interest on said bond or bonds annually at six (6%) per cent of the principal and pay the same to the said William Armstrong during his present wife, Mary Armstrong's life and at her death, then the said John R. Armstrong shall collect the whole of the bond or bonds and pay to the said William Armstrong the whole amount of said bond or bonds and in the event that the said William Armstrong should die before his present wife (Mary Armstrong), then the said John R. Armstrong shall collect and divide the amount of the aforesaid bond or bonds between Elizabeth Richardson, Matilda Martin, Martha B. Martin, Sally Armstrong and himself. In testimony the said Theophilus Armstrong and Sarah J. Armstrong, wife, of the said Theophilus Armstrong, in token of her right of relinquishment, her right of dower in the above named estate, have hereunto set their hands on the 24th day of October, one thousand eight hundred and seventy four.

(s) Theophilus ("X") Armstrong(his mark)

(s) Sarah J. Armstrong

1875 March 31: DB 33 p. 202:

Theophilus Armstrong and Sarah, his wife convey to John R. Armstrong a certain piece of land described as beginning at a pile of rocks- with Mrs. Julia Turner's corner, thence her line N.76º W. 6¼ poles to the Centerville Rd. thence a new line to the road S. 20º W. 4½ poles to John R. Armstrong's line, containing 29 poles.

1876 August: DB 19, p. 186:

William A. Richardson, Elizabeth, his wife, of the first part and John R. Armstrong, Trustee, to Warren Norman, 28 acres, being a portion of tract conveyed by Theophilus Armstrong to said William A. Richardson, John R. Armstrong and others. George L. Richardson, Notary (Uncle "Guinea").

1877 May 8: Theophilus Armstrong made out his will. (See 1889 for its contents).

1877 May 19: DB 19, p. 285:

S. G. Whittle, Special Commissioner in cause of R. W. Watkins vs. Abner Martin heirs, to Stephen S. (L.) Martin and Theophilus Armstrong for $707.32. Conveys dower tract of land assigned to Jane R. Martin, widow of Abner Martin, dec'd, situated on waters of Home Creek, containing 128½ acres.

Note: Re Abner Martin's homeplace: The house of Abner Martin, a 2-story salt box with porch and wings added, is still standing. Aluminum-sided, it is quite well kept. It is part of acreage owned by the late Alonza M. Connor and Nellie C. Connor, his wife. Mrs. Connor, I'm told, died several years ago and Mr. Connor not quite one year ago (1992), according to Thelma Dunnevant who owns the old McGuire home close by. It is located at 100 Connor Lane, State Road 700 in the Irisburg community. Home Creek runs some 50 feet from the house. The house and land are said to be on the market for $400,000.00 (see DB 96, p. 524 and DB 124 P 495 for chain of title).

The old Abner Martin rock-enclosed graveyard is on the road close by the old homeplace. There were no tombstones found inside the enclosure. J. T. Martin, a great great grandson of Abner Martin, his wife Velma, his sisters Virginia and her husband Frontis Cochran and another sister Lillian Jones, took my sister Florence, my brother Herb and myself to an enjoyable excursion graveyard hunting which included this site in June 1993.

1877 July 4: DB 19, p. 322:

John R. Armstrong of the first part and S. L. Martin, Trustee, second part, tract on waters of Middle Creek adjoining lands of C. H. Norman, L. G. Minter, et als, in which party of the first part now resides, containing 50 acres, m/l, securing payment to Theophilus Armstrong for bond dated July 4, 1877. Marked satisfied September 12, 1884. (See DB 22, p. 50 of June 24, 1885).

1882 DB 21 p. 16

1883 DB 21 p. 287 and DB 22 p. 650 (These are other deed

1884 DB 21 p. 607 and DB 22 p. 651 references regarding

1885 DB 21 p. 784 and DB 22 p. 110 Theophilus Armstrong

1886 DB 22 p. 361 that I did not look up).

1887 March 4, DB 22, p. 681:

Doctor Harris of the first part to W. D. Mitchell, Trustee, of the second part, conveys tract on Fall Creek securing the indebtedness to Theophilus Armstrong of $150.00. Satisfied, W. G. Shackelford, adm. of T. Armstrong, May 8, 1891.

1887 March 23: DB 22, p. 703:

Luther T. Minter (Theophilus' grandson) and Susan A. Minter of the 1st part to W. G. Shackelford, trustee, of the 2nd part, conveys tract of land containing 158 acres purchased of Dr. James Semple on waters of Bold Branch, securing note due Theophilus Armstrong for $700. Satisfied July 11, 1892, W. G. Shackelford, Administrator of Theophilus Armstrong.

1887 August 6: DB 23, p. 13:

Stephen Holland of the 1st part to W. D. Mitchell, Trustee, of 2nd part, conveys entire home tract of 300 acres joining lands of C. H. Norman, L. Levy (?) and others, securing note of $535.00 due Theophilus Armstrong. Satisfied May 31, 1890, W. G. Shackelford, administrator.

1888 June 16: DB 23, p. 291:

S. L. Barker of 1st part to John R. Armstrong, Trustee, of 2nd part, conveys tract of land on waters of Home Creek containing 74 acres adjoining lands of Daniel Barker's estate G. W. Barker, Wilson and others, to secure note due Theophilus Armstrong for $150.00. Satisfied August 9, 1897, W. G. Shackelford, Adm.

1889 July 30: DB 23, p. 702:

William A. Richardson of the 1st part to John R. Armstrong, Trustee of 2nd part, conveys 50 acres lying on Middle Creek being a part of tract of land purchased from Theophilus Armstrong to secure Theophilus Armstrong $150.00. Satisfied, W. G. Shackelford, adm. July 25, 1892.

1889 His 1889 tax receipt to W. S. Gravely, Treasurer of Henry County, Va., showed income and personal estate of $198.00; real estate 5 acres, value $300.00. A total tax paid of $9.47. (This receipt was in his estate papers).

1889 October 23: Theophilus Armstrong died. (His attending physician was Dr. James Semple, a long time friend.)

1889 November Term of Court: Will Book 11, p. 57, Henry Co., Va.:

The will of Theophilus Armstrong made May 8, 1877 and signed by "his mark" witnessed by Warren Norman and James O. Martin. When probated was witnessed by James Semple, J. E. Woodson and James O. Martin. Sarah J. Armstrong, his widow, was granted letter of administration with bond of $4,000.00 on the personal estate of decedent. James Semple and J. E. Woodson, S. L. Martin, W. G. Shackelford, and D. T. Meadors, any three of whom may act, were appointed appraisers of the personal estate. He left to his wife, Sarah J. Armstrong, all of his personal and real property during her natural lifetime and at her death same to revert to the children of his body, son William to inherit 2 shares and the other children one share each, grandchildren of any deceased child to receive that deceased child's share If a child should die without heirs, then his share shall revert to his estate to be divided as the balance of his property.


1890 April 8: DB 24, p. 40 & 41:

Agreement between Sarah J. Armstrong, widow of Theophilus Armstrong, dec'd, of the 1st part and the undersigned heirs in reversion of Theophilus Armstrong for a division of Theophilus Armstrong's property among his heirs in reversion and widow rather than waiting for her death. It was agreed the widow was to keep all property claimed by her as her separate estate (listed hereafter) and heirs of Theophilus Armstrong to deed to her, in fee simple, an amount equal to one-third of the appraised value of all personal property. Moneys, bonds and choses in action and also the lot of land being at Irisburg in Henry County, containing 5 acres more or less, of which Theophilus Armstrong died seized and possessed.

Agreement signed by: Sarah J. Armstrong

Hattie S. Armstrong

Mattie B. Martin

S. K. Minter

Kittie Minter

W. A. Richardson

Lizzie S. Richardson

John L. Martin

Anna L. Martin

John R. Armstrong and

John R. Armstrong, attorney- in- fact for William T. Armstrong, Mary J. Armstrong, Matilda Martin, Mary J. Logan and Sallie M. Scales.

Notary, S. G. Barker, for Henry County, Va. certified for Hattie S. Armstrong (wife of John R.); Mattie B. Martin (really named Martha, daughter of T.A.); S. J. Minter, Kitty Minter (Keturah, daughter of T.A.); W.A. Richardson and Lizzie S. Richardson (Elizabeth and Betty were her other nicknames, daughter of T.A.); the wives made oath they signed of their own free will.

John L. Martin (son of deceased daughter Malinda) and wife Anna L. (Bullington) Martin signed before notary in Pittsylvania County, Va.

John R. Armstrong for self and as attorney-in-fact for absent heirs, signed in Henry County on May 12, 1890. Agreement was filed in Clerk's Office of Henry Co. Circuit Court on May 12, 1890, DB 24, p. 42.

DB 24, p. 41 lists property claimed by Sarah J. Armstrong, widow:

" The following is a list of the property claimed as my separate estate mentioned in the foregoing contract, viz: In money, $300.00, one feather bed, one mattress and all bed clothing in the house, two bed steads, one sewing machine, one candlestand, all framed pictures, one water stand, one set of chairs, and all of the table ware, one looking glass and one rocking chair, two trunks, one chest.

(s) S. J. Armstrong, per attorney

The POA (power-of-attorney) of William and Mary Armstrong, dated February 3, 1890, signed and notarized in Monroe Co., W. Va.. (DB 40, p.32).

The POA of Matilda D. Martin dated April 28, 1890, signed and notarized in Rockingham Co., N.C. (DB 40, p. 45).

The POA of Mary J. Logan dated May 12, 1890 signed and notarized in Audrain Co., Mo. at Vandalia. (DB 40, p. 46).

The POA of Sallie M. Scales of May 7, 1890, signed and notarized in Patrick Co., Va. (DB 40, p. 48).

Another POA of William and Mary Armstrong dated April 14, 1890 was signed and notarized in Peterstown, Monroe Co., W. Va., (DB 40, pp.49 &50).

(Why these Powers of Attorney were filed so much later in the year than the agreement is a mystery to me).

DB 40, pp 42& 43., May 12, 1890. Same parties as per agreement:

"Witnesseth, that for and in consideration of the understanding of the party of the first part as set forth in an agreement under seal of the said parties and of record in the Clerk's Office of Henry County, Va., dated April 8, 1890, the parties of the second part granted unto the party of the first part, in fee simple, with special warranty of title, one-third interest in all the personal estate and the entire interest in one lot of land at Irisburg, Henry County, Va. containing 5 acres, m/l, of the real estate of Theophilus Armstrong, dec'd, to her, her heirs and assigns forever. Witness the following signatures and seals.(Same parties as agreement)."

DB 24, p. 209:

POA from Sarah J. Armstrong to Stephen L. Martin (her brother) states, among other things, to look after her interest, "especially in the estate of my late husband, Theophilus Armstrong". Signed August 8, 1890.

1890 See also Will Book 11, pp 238 through 253 for appraisal of personal estate of Theophilus Armstrong. Amount was $4,710.80. Signed by W. G. Shackelford, Adm. (Sarah never acted as administratrix).

See also for Theophilus Armstrong WB 11, pp 292, 576 and 578.

1891 February 2: Sarah J. Armstrong died. Re her estate, see WB 11, pp 57, 234, 236, Account of sale of personal estate of Sarah Armstrong, dec'd: WB 11, pp 234, 236. All signed by Henry Tuggle, adm. estate of Sarah J. Armstrong, dec'd.

Interesting Note: WB 11, p. 236, May 9, 1891.

Among purchasers at sale of personal property of Sarah J. Armstrong was W. A. Richardson, my grandfather who bought one set of silver teaspoons for $5.00 and one set of silver tablespoons for $4.00. My mother, Ann Richardson Cahill had in her possession several coin-silver teaspoons and tablespoons with the letter "A" inscribed which she said belonged to her grandmother Ann Armstrong. We still have some. One teaspoon has lots of indentations. Mother said it inadvertently got into the pig slop. Wonder how they recovered it?

In the appraisal and lists of personal estate of Theophilus Armstrong dated May 23, 1890, WB 11, p. 238, all sorts of items were listed: shoes, children's and ladies' clothes, lamp chimneys, turpentine, counter scales, straw hats, ribbons--all of which led me to believe he turned back to being a merchant in his old age. Other records confirm it.

See also WB 11, p. 293 filed June 22, 1893 for a list of legatees and amount received from Theophilus Armstrong estate.

The following is a copy of paper which belonged to Grandma Richardson found in my mother's trunk. (The chancery suit which this involved had 51 pages of depositions and revealed much about the Armstrongs and the Martins). Reads as follows:

Commissioner's Office, Martinsville, Va., August 6, 1891:

To: W. G. Shackelford, administrator of Theophilus Armstrong, dec'd, Stephen Minter and Caturah, his wife, Mary J. Logan, John L. Martin, W. A. Richardson and Eliza (Elizabeth) his wife, John R. Armstrong, administrator of Mattie B. Martin (Martha), Matilda D. Martin, Butler Scales and Sally, his wife, W. T. Armstrong, John R. Armstrong and Hattie, his wife, and Henry Tuggle, administrator of S. J. Armstrong, plaintiffs:


You are hereby notified that I have fixed upon the 26th day of August 1891 at my offices in the Town of Martinsville, to take, state and report the following accounts:

(1) An account of the indebtedness of Theophilus Armstrong, dec'd.

(2) An account of the personal estate of Theophilus Armstrong which went into the hands of S. J. Armstrong and whether she has accounted for the same or not, and if not, how much remains unaccounted for.

(3) Take and settle the accounts of the administrator of Theophilus Armstrong, dec'd, required by decree of the Circuit Court at the October Term, 1890, and at the January Term, 1891, in the chancery cause of Theophilus Armstrong, dec'd vs. Theophilus Armstrong's heirs in which you as parties, and at which time and place you are required to attend, etc. Dated August 8, 1891.

(s) John W. Carter, Commissioner of Accounts

See also chancery suit filed in the Circuit Court of Henry County, Va. in ___ 1891 by John Martin, et als, vs James M. Stone, et als, for the sale of the real estate of Sarah J. Armstrong, dec'd. Also distribution of proceeds October term, 1891.

DB 25, p. 314: February 27, 1892:

Mary J. Logan, et als, parties of the 1st part (heirs of Theophilus Armstrong) to A. S. Barker, party of the 2nd part for $350.00 a certain tract or parcel of land situated and being in Henry County, Va. on the branch of waters of Home Creek adjoining lands of Guill Barker, Nathaniel Barker and others, containing 64 acres, m/l, and being one-half interest in one hundred and twenty eight acres and known as the Abner Martin Homestead and which 64 acres belonged to Theophilus Armstrong at his death.

Signed by same parties as agreement and witnessed in same location, except John Lee Martin signed in Henry County rather than Pittsylvania County. April 29, 1892.

DB 26 p. 113: March 29, 1893:

Deed between Henry Tuggle, Special Commissioner of the 1st part and H. C. Martin, et als, parties of the 2nd part, for $50.00. Tract of land lying near Lone Oak, containing 23 acres. Sale confirmed January Term, 1892. Deed recorded March 31, 1893. (This was property of Sarah J. Armstrong).

DB 26 p. 120:

"This deed made the 29th day of March 1893, between Henry Tuggle, Special Commissioner of the County of Henry, and State of Va., of the first part, and Ella H. Lamkin of the City of Roanoke and state aforesaid, of the second part.

Witnesseth that whereas a chancery suit was instituted in the Circuit Court of Henry County in the year 1891 by John Martin, et als, against James W. Stone, et als, for the sale of the real estate of Sarah J. Armstrong, dec'd, and distribution of the proceeds among those entitled, and at the October Term 1891 a decree was entered directing said party of the first part as Commissioner to sell said real estate requiring one-third cash and the remainder on a credit of six and twelve months, in equal installments which sale the party of the first part made on the 5th day of December 1891 and Mary Lamkin became the purchaser of a lot of five acres lying and being in Irisburg, at the price of $505.00, upon which Theophilus Armstrong conducted a mercantile business at the time of his death, which sales was confirmed by a decree of said court at the June Term, 1892, and a further decree directing the collection of the purchase money and the execution of a proper deed to the purchaser or to whomever they might direct it to be made, and the said Mary Lamkin having directed in writing that the deed be made to Ella H. Lamkin, the party of the second part, now for and in consideration of the sum of $505.00, the purchase price of said lot of land, the party of the first part doth grant unto the party of the second part the lot aforesaid of five acres of land adjoining the land of John Armstrong, et als, and the said party of the first part doth grant unto the party of the second part specially the property hereby conveyed.

Witness the following signatures and seal:

Henry Tuggle (Seal), Special Commissioner


W. L. Tuggle, R. S. Tuggle"

Admitted to record March 31, 1893. Notation: "Delivered to Joseph Lamkin, 20 June 1893."

The following bill in chancery was of interest to me as the defendant, Hugh N. Binford was a brother-in-law of my father. It also shows the thorough manner in which W. G. Shackelford administered Theophilus' estate.

Docket No. 885, Clerk's Office, Circuit Court., Henry County, Va.

Theophilus Armstrong's administrator vs Hugh N. Binford

Henry G. Mullins, Attorney for complaintant.

Whereby administrator attached real estate-one-half interest of Hugh Binford in a tract of land containing 294½ acres, lying in Henry County, near Binford, now Lee's Mill, in the Irisburg District. Said H. Binford being a residuary under the will of John R. Lea, and indebted to Theophilus Armstrong, dec'd.

J.P. Davis, Sheriff

May 13, 1893

This mill was on the Brak-A-Reed Road ( Irisburg-Leaksville Road) which is shown on map of G. W. Hill property, formerly Theophilus Armstrong homeplace.

(The information in this document was most carefully researched and compiled by Mary Cahill of Danville, Virginia who is the great granddaughter of Theophilus G. Armstrong, late of Henry County, Virginia. Information completed in August, 1993)


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