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Welcome to the online records of JT Martin's study, research and writing; endeavors born from a great love of history and family, including love and respect for those who have gone before us.  Also on this site are a few articles and books written by or about those near and dear to JT. 

The Writings section lists everything by category and most writings have a short paragraph summary.

In some documents you will find empty spaces in the text, and some misaligned text. These are usually due to missing pictures that were in the original documents and imperfect conversions from older software.  JT never quite had a chance to clean up all the formatting; so just keep on scrolling, reading and smiling as you enjoy your stroll through history.

JT's most recent...   


 Amazing and Interesting History

One of many intriguing stories is that of General Joseph Martin and Nancy Ward, the last “Beloved Woman of the Cherokees.”